Code of Conduct


School Code of Conduct Consists of Two Practices:

  1. WITS PROGRAMW.I.T.S. is our peaceful problem-solving strategy
    Walk away Ignore Talk it out Seek help
  2. Dr. Marvin Marshall’s Hierarchy of Social Development

The purpose of our School Code of Conduct is to help provide a safe, supportive, and stimulating environment for learning that will enable all students to be successful.

Playground Expectations:

  • We expect that all children will play safely.
  • A respectful and common sense approach governs all playground activity.
  • The following is a partial list for discussion:
    • Please tell the supervisor on duty if any equipment such as a ball goes out of bounds or on the school roof. Wait for the supervisor’s help to get the item out of bounds.
    • Any kind of fighting, even play fighting, is not appropriate at school.
    • The general expectation is HANDS OFF.
    • Throwing of and using large sticks or branches is not safe for others.
    • Abusive language, swearing, name-calling, bullying and threats are unacceptable.
    • Flip Flops are not the recommended footwear for the playground. Running shoes are the best to avoid injury.

General School Reminders

  • Dress code: student dress is expected to be in good taste and appropriate for an elementary school setting. For example, we recommend Intermediate Girls refrain from wearing spaghetti strings, or off the shoulder tops, or short shorts. Strong eye or lip makeup on any student that seems to be not age appropriate will be asked to remove it.
  • Cell phones and electronic equipment, if deemed a necessity by the parents, should be turned off and left in the student’s backpack while on school grounds.
  • Other electronic equipment should be left at home.
  • For student safety, all sharp instruments and weapons (real or toy) are inappropriate for school.
  • To keep our school property clean we do not chew gum at school.
  • Bicycles should be locked and stored in the racks provided. We cannot assume responsibility for damaged, lost, or stolen bicycles.
  • Please walk your bike when coming on school property.
  • For student safety, skateboards, scooters, and roller blades should be left at home.