Bus Information



  • Please follow the link for Online Registration 23-24 (a student number is required please obtain from the school). Paper copy forms will be available here
  • Any students new to district (including Kindergarten) must submit an electronic photo (in jpeg format), and Student ID number. Photos without a student ID will not be processed. Email photos (in jpeg format) to transportationregistration@sd79.bc.ca
  • If you have any informational changes at any time, please use a Change of Information Form.

Please submit all forms by email to busregistration@sd79.bc.ca, by fax to (250) 748-2132 or in person at 2557 Beverly St, Duncan BC V9L 2X3  between 8:30am to 4:30pm. We require 3 days to process forms during the school year. For more information please go to the School District 79 Transportation Website

A photo bus pass will be printed for each student once ridership has been approved. Passes will be available at your school office the last week of August. Bus passes will be distributed via the bus driver from October through June. There is a replacement fee of $10 for lost and altered passes. Please use the Bus Pass Replacement Form.

Please ensure your child(ren) is at the AM bus stop 5 minutes (10 minutes in September) prior to the time indicated as many circumstances (traffic, traffic lights, accidents, road closures, load sizes, etc.) will effect the bus times. Your child(ren)’s routing information is can be accessed via:

Please check with Ride360 often during the school year as times will change as adjustments are made. Remember that students must ride the buses they are assigned to in order to avoid overload situations. If you are unsure what bus your child is assigned to please use the Ride 360 program to check.