Staff at Alex Aitken Elementary School for 2016-2017

Mr. Fergus Horsburgh  Principal and Teacher Librarian

Mrs. Dawn-Marie Dowling  Secretary

Division 1          Mrs. Caljouw    Grade 6/7

Division 2          Mr. Ready        Grade 6/7

Division 3          Ms. Abgrall       Grade 5/6

Division 4          Mr. Fagan        Grade 4/5

Division 5          Mrs. Louise      Grade 3/4

Division 6          Mrs. Nowicki     Grade 3      website

Division 7          Mrs. Abbott and Mrs. Bouma     Grade 2/3

Division 8          Ms. Witt            Grade 1/2

Division 9          Mrs. Bollinger     Kindergarten/Grade 1

Division 10        Mrs. Thomas     Kindergarten     website

Music                Mr. Sartini

Ms. Hawthorn           Learning Assistance, Resource Teacher and Teacher librarian

Miss Davidson           Numeracy Teacher

Mrs. Farr                  Speech and Language Teacher

Mr. Matthews            Counsellor

Fiona Young              Auditory Specialist Teacher

We also have Educational Assistants and Noon Hour Supervisors

working with our students.